Friday, August 19, 2011

Ducks on the Sidewalk

I love to walk this time of year, especially in the mornings when it’s cool. One day, I was strolling down a sidewalk that runs parallel to Big Goose Creek in my home town of Sheridan, Wyoming, swinging my long white cane from side to side in front of me as I usually do. Ahead of me, I spotted a cluster of ducks on the sidewalk. I knew they were ducks because they were quacking. As I approached, they flapped their wings and flew away, voicing their disapproval with many loud quacks as if I were trespassing on their sidewalk. I was so taken with this scene that the minute I got home, I sat down at the new computer my husband Bill had just bought me and wrote the following poem.

This was the first poem I wrote on that computer. It was published in Distant Horizons, an anthology of poems produced by WyoPoets. To learn more about this organization, of which I’m President, visit You can also read this poem on my Web site.


Little black quacking shapes

congregate on the cement path next to the creek.

Rolling my long white cane in front of me, I approach.

One by one, angered by my intrusion,

they vanish in a flurry of wings.

Abbie Johnson Taylor,, Author of We Shall Overcome


  1. Thanks for this. We had apair of ducks that came to visit us every spring for several years. They used to land in tractor ruts filled with winter thaw. I have not seen them in a few years. I miss them.

    Ducks are very cool. I love them.



  2. Hi, Deon, I'm glad this brought back pleasant memories for you. We had a pet duck when I was a kid in Tucson, Arizona. I was about ten at the time. He was a gift to my younger brother from one of his nursery school teachers, but for some reason, he ended up in my room. We called him David. I don't know why. He was noisy and smelled bad. After a few months, we took him to a nearby park with a pond and let him go. That was one pet I wasn't sorry to lose.

    Abbie Johnson Taylor, Author of We Shall Overcome